The Pros, Cons, and Better Alternative to the Anavar Cycle

The Pros, Cons, and Better Alternative to the Anavar Cycle

Anavar is perhaps one of the most popular substances used by athletes, bodybuilders, and weight loss dieters, despite its many drawbacks.

It’s been around for more than 4 decades, and many of its users laud its effectiveness in cutting cycles and weight loss efforts.

But many experts—including various governments like the US—also cite its rather serious drawbacks.

What is Anavar?

Anavar is an anabolic steroid. It was first launched in 1964, by the Searle Laboratories company that’s now part of the famous Pfizer brand. Its main use then was to help grow back muscles that become smaller due to the weight loss caused by various types of medical conditions and medical treatments such as surgeries.

Among the other Anavar results, it helps with the treatment of osteoporosis. When the AIDS/HIV epidemic first came out, it was also one of the drugs used for the condition.

It actually helps with weight gain by improving the muscle condition.

Its main advantage over other anabolic steroids is that it offers a great deal of anabolic benefits, without the androgenic effects.

The Pros, Cons, and Better Alternative to the Anavar Cycle

Unfortunately, it’s this property that has attracted numerous bodybuilders to use it illicitly as a way to grow and retain muscles.

Because the abuse of Anavar brought bad publicity to the company, its manufacture was stopped in 1989.

However, it was relaunched in 1995 as Oxandrin. It is now prescribed to treat various medical conditions, including weight loss due to HIV, Turner syndrome, and alcoholic hepatitis.

It’s still considered a controlled substance in the US and many other countries.

It also remains one of the most popular anabolic steroids for muscle builders today, even though it’s hard to find where to buy Anavar safely. Unlike other steroids that are mostly used for men, Anavar (as it is still called today) is also used by many women who wish to be stronger.

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Benefits for Athletes and Bodybuilders

Anavar remains illegal to use without a proper prescription.

It’s also regarded by just about all major athletic leagues as a banned performance-enhancing drug.

So why do so many people still use it?

Here are some of the Anavar gains you can expect:

· It’s used for the cutting cycle for male bodybuilders. In the bulking cycle, you try to gain more muscle. Unfortunately, your efforts will also involve a lot of gained water and fat as well. So in the cutting cycle, you try to hold on to your muscle gains while you get rid of the water retention and the excess body fat.

The Pros, Cons, and Better Alternative to the Anavar Cycle

Anavar doesn’t really do much when it comes to building the muscles of male bodybuilders. Other anabolic steroids are much more effective for bulking. So if you’re trying to find out when to take Anavar, the answer is simple: it’s for the cutting phase. When you try to lose weight to get rid of excess water and fat in your body, you can’t help buy lose some muscle mass as well. But the Anavar preserves the muscle mass effectively, so it’s the best time to take Anavar. With the Anavar cutting cycle, you lose weight and keep your muscles.

  • It works for the bulking of athletes. Not all men want to get the biggest muscles they can achieve. This is particularly true of athletes, who know that muscles that are too large will hamper their speed and agility. They simply can’t run as fast or change directions as quickly when they’re carrying too much weight in their muscles. So for athletes, the muscle regrowth potential of Anavar is just right they get bigger muscles so they’re stronger. But they’re not too big that they become lumbering slowpokes in their sports.
  • It improves muscular endurance. This is the ability of your muscles to work for an extended period of time. When your muscles then become tired. You will experience muscle fatigue. This is very evident in running, which is a sport that doesn’t require strength or agility. It’s all about how your muscles can endure.
  • It enhances cardiovascular endurance. When doctors tell people to exercise regularly, this is the benefit they want their patients to receive. Cardiovascular endurance helps keep many serious medical conditions at bay. It’s also an important benefit for athletes, because the heart controls how the oxygen flows to all their muscles.
  • It also works for the bulking of female bodybuilders. Again, this is because the muscle gains are just right. In fact, its popularity among women has some bodybuilders referring to it as the “girl steroid”.
  • It also helps with weight loss. Sure, it retains your muscles when you’re trying to lose weight. But it also helps with weight loss directly. That’s because it’s an appetite suppressant. By taking Anavar, you’re more able to stick to your diet because you don’t feel as many bouts of cravings as before. The Anavar for women weight loss is especially dramatic.
  • It has minimal side effects. When we say minimal, we mean in comparison to other anabolic steroids. While it does cause some side effects (serious enough to get it banned, actually), they’re not as bad as what you can experience from most of the other anabolic steroids out there. In the hierarchy of steroids, it’s considered one of the safest.

What Are the Side Effects?

Is Anavar safe? Not really. Just because it’s safer doesn’t actually mean it is safe to take. That’s like saying being paralyzed from the neck down isn’t really all that bad, since you can also be blind, mute and deaf as well.

In the case of Anavar, the side effects are serious enough that many governments and sports leagues prohibit its use just for muscle building and improved athletic performance.

So your Anavar results before and after may actually include these side effects:

· It’s toxic to your liver. Granted, it’s not as toxic to your liver as many of the other anabolic steroids out there. Still, it’s pretty poisonous enough. Not even the most ardent fans of Anavar will say that it’s outright safe to take for your liver. It’s why you need to limit the Anavar cycle for men to just 8 weeks, to give your liver a chance to recuperate from the damage it endures. The absolute maximum Anavar cycle length is 10 weeks of use, or else the damage to the liver may be permanent.

· It also suppresses your natural testosterone levels if you’re a man. Again, this effect isn’t as severe as what you’ll go through with other steroids. But you will feel a definite decrease in libido, plus you’ll experience lethargy. You’ll also lose some of your hair.

· If you’re a woman, it’s possible that you’ll go through virilization. This is when you show male characteristics, like hair growth on your face and other parts of your body. You may get a deeper voice, your clitoris may grow bigger, and your menstrual cycle may become irregular. Does Anavar affect birth control? For some women, it does.

· It also disrupts your cholesterol levels. Again, compared to the other steroids the damage isn’t as bad. But it’s bad enough to get your LDL/HDL profiles outside of the normal range. That can lead to heart and blood vessel problems later on.

· It’s also possible that you will experience some of the side effects common to all anabolic steroids. Your skin may get oily or go through severe acne, and you’ll experience headaches plus nausea or vomiting. You may go through insomnia. Even your mood may change, or you may become depressed or anxious. You may even exhibit “roid rage”, which is when you get extremely angry a lot more quickly.

How Do You Take Anavar?

How much Anavar should I take?” is a very common questing for beginners.

Getting the proper dosage right for an Anavar only cycle is a bit of a hit and miss proposition.

You may want to stay safe and start with a small dosage at about 30 mg every day for the first week, if you’re a man.

Then you can increase the dosage gradually each week so that by week 6 you’re taking 80 mg a day.

Then you can slow down back to 70 mg in week 7, and at week 8 you stop and take a 5-week break. During that break, you’ll need to take 40 mg of Nolvadex every day for a week, and for the next 4 weeks you take 20 mg of Nolvadex every day.

Here are some other tips for the best way to take Anavar:

  • Since it will suppress your natural testosterone production, you’ll need to use an testosterone booster, or a steroid with greater anabolic effects.
  • To protect your liver, don’t go more than 4 weeks of use. You can reduce the damage while you take Anavar by also taking NAC or milk thistle. You’ll need lots of antioxidants such as R-ALA and vitamins C and E.
  • If you’re worried about your cholesterol, don’t go over 60 mg a day. You can also take about 20 mg of Policosanol to keep your cholesterol under control. A gram or two of Niacin can also help, but this is also dangerous for your liver. So you need to limit your Niacin intake to 2 weeks.

Some men use it as part of an Anavar and Clen stack, while others try to experiment with an Anavar and HGH cycle. Whether you use a Clenbuterol Anavar or a HGH Anavar combo, the same rule applies. That is, you take a smaller Anavar dose because of the other component. You may want to start with an Anavar dosage of just 20 mg. You may also want to limit the Anavar cycle 20 just 2 weeks on and 2 weeks of while you take Clen. The same rules apply to Anavar and HGH.

The dosage for women is much less. For women trying to figure out how to take Anavar, they should take only about 2.5 mg every day for the first 2 weeks. Then that goes to 5 mg for weeks 3 and 4. Week 5 is Anavar 10 mg, weeks 6 and 7 is 15 mg, and then back again to 10 mg for week 8. Again, the Anavar cycles for women shouldn’t go past 8 weeks. But at least the Anavar results for women pictures show you that

Other Considerations

It’s very difficult to buy real Anavar. The best place to buy Anavar is where your friend gets them, so you know you’re getting real Anavar for sale. Figuring out how to get Anavar on your own can be problematic because there are so many fake sellers out there.

It’s true you can buy Anavar online. But figuring out where to buy Anavar online is always a gamble. Lots of websites sell fakes, or they take your money and run.

Is There a Better Alternative to Anavar?

Anvarol Review (Safe Alternative to Anavar)

If you are looking for fast growth, increase in strength and a visible change in your body shape, then this product may be what you are looking for.

One of the downfalls of this great product is that it must be used for 2-3 months to see the best results

Balancing the pros and cons of Anavar isn’t easy. For most experts, however, the risks simply outweigh the benefits. The side effects are rather unpleasant (to say the least), and it’s not even legal in most countries. It’s so hard to buy that you’re not really sure what you’re getting when you buy from an unknown seller for the first time.

So wouldn’t it be nice if you can have all of the benefits but none of the drawbacks? That’s not just a theoretical musing, or wishful thinking. There really is such an alternative, and it’s called Anvarol.

What is Anvarol all about?

The Pros, Cons, and Better Alternative to the Anavar CycleBut you don’t have to worry about various weird or dangerous side effects.Anvarol
 is the safe and legal counterpart of Anavar. Basically, it’s a supplement designed to provide you with all the benefits you get from Anavar.

What’s more, you can use this openly and legally, so you don’t have to deal with shady Oxandrolone Anavar suppliers.

If you’re part of an official league that tests for anabolic steroids, you’re not going to be flagged for the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

Yes, it’s true this can enhance your performance and physique, but it’s entirely legal.

Anvarol is manufactured by the famous Crazy Bulk brand. Many in world of bodybuilding know about the brand. It is highly regarded for its focus on producing safer alternatives to illegal anabolic steroids. As part of the Crazy Bulk lineup, you know it’s very safe and effective, and the price is reasonable. It’s also been designed to work with other Crazy Bulk products as part of a cutting cycle stack, just as anabolic steroids are also used as a stack for greater effectiveness and best results.

How Do You Use Anvarol?

Unlike Anavar, it’s very simple to use Anvarol. Each package contains 90 pills. Since you need to take 3 pills a day, each container is good for 30 days. Within those 30 days, you will probably see some improvement in your form already.

For best results, you should continue to take Anvarol for 2 to 3 months. Your body will adapt to the Anvarol after 2 months, and the improvements may then plateau afterwards. So you need to take a break of about a week and half, and then you can resume again.

You need to take 3 pills all at once each day, whether or not you’re working out for that day. Just take them with water. On workout days, you get best results when you take them about 15 minutes after your workout, and not before. Anvarol works gradually but steadily, so you don’t take them before you work out.

You can also stack it with other Crazy Bulk products to really get the best results. Your best stack is comprised of Clenbutrol (the legal alternative to Clenbuterol), Trenorol (the legal alternative to Trenbolone), and Winsol (the legal alternative to Winstrol).

Benefits of Anvarol

So let’s list down all the benefits you get when you take Anvarol.

· When you’re cutting calories while working out, it helps you to burn off both visceral and subcutaneous fat. Patients who get liposuction surgery to get rid of belly fat have only their subcutaneous fat removed. While that may improve their appearance, it doesn’t really help with their health all that much. That’s because liposuction can’t remove visceral fat. This is the fat around the organs, and when you have a large belly it means that you have lots of visceral fat in your tummy.

· It also helps you retain your muscles when you’re trying to cut your weight. When you burn off more calories than you consume, your body compensates by burning fat for fuel. The problem is that when you try to lose too much weight too quickly, your body burns off both fat and muscle to provide the energy your body needs. However, Anvarol is designed to make your body focus on your body fat only when it’s trying to produce fuel for your energy needs.

· It also boosts your strength and energy. This is great for your workout, since you can do more reps and more sets with heavier weights. You can maximize your weight loss while your muscles are still engaged. On non-workout days, you have lots of energy for your work and chores.

· It also enhances your vascularity, which means you have very visible and prominent veins. This is the Anavar bodybuilding look that results when you have large and well-defined muscles, low retained water, and very low body fat. All these things come about when you use Anvarol for your cutting cycle.

· It’s very effective. There have been lots of reviews on various sites as well as testimonials that attest to its effectiveness. You can even see the dramatic improvements when you look at the pictures sent in by customers who have taken Anvarol.

· It doesn’t cause any side effects. That’s the plain truth of it. There’s been no credible complaint against the use of Anvarol at all. In fact, it’s this lack of side effects that make it a much better alternative than using Anavar.

· It’s safe and effective for women too. Many anabolic steroids are not ideal for women, since the effects make them look more masculine. With Anvarol, they turn into strong women with good-looking muscles, not women with mustaches and deep voices.

· It’s legal. That’s because it doesn’t have any side effects. So you can use it without having to worry about your league suspending you or police harassing you.

· It’s readily available. First of all, since it’s legal you can just buy it online. So you don’t have to search far and wide, as if you’re trying to find out where to buy real Anavar. To be on the safe side, you should buy from the official Crazy Bulk site so you know you’re getting the real stuff. Buying Anvarol is a much different experience from buying Oxandrolone Anavar for sale, since you will have to buy the anabolic steroid illegally. So you may be buying from shady operators who may not give you the right product, or even send you anything at all.

· It’s also much more affordable than steroids. Again, that’s because it’s legal. Generally, illegal drugs (including anabolic steroids) are much more expensive. Anvarol even offers bulk discounts, so if you buy 2 bottles (good for 2 months) at once then you also get a third bottle for free. You even get free delivery wherever you may be.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Anvarol?

When you think about it, there’s really nothing about Anvarol that you can properly regard as a “drawback”. However, if you have unrealistic expectations, there may be some things about it that you won’t like.

  • · The price may be a point of contention. While it is much more affordable than Anavar and other anabolic steroids, its price may be a bit more than what other supplements cost. That’s because it’s made by a reputable company with real ingredients. It doesn’t come from some online version of a hole in the wall.
  • It’s also not a magic pill. You don’t just take it and then expect to have lean muscles and very body. You can’t take Anvarol and then get those optimal results while you eat everything in sight while you spend all your time on the couch binge-watching your favorite TV shows.
  • You still have to go on a diet, and you still have to work out. Anvarol won’t work otherwise. It’s designed to give you optimal results when you do watch your calories and exercise regularly.
  • It also doesn’t work for everyone. This is a “drawback” that’s true of all supplements and all medicines. Each person is an individual, and results may vary. What’s great about Anvarol is that it produces very good results in the majority of the people who do take it properly.

The pictures will really convince you to take that chance.


You want the Anavar results without the Anavar disadvantages? You can do that, absolutely. Just take Anvarol instead of going through an Anavar cycle. By itself Anvarol pretty effective, and with the Crazy Bulk stack its performance is amazing. It’s affordable, effective, safe, and legal—you get the best of all worlds. Is Anavar good? Some say yes, many others say no. But Anvarol is great, especially when you see the results. You’ll then be able to send in Anavar before and after photos of your own.