I Found A Way To Keep Watching My Beloved AEK Athens

I Found A Way To Keep Watching My Beloved AEK Athens

I’m from Greece originally, and I still have some family back in Athens. However, my kids moved to Australia. When my wife was still alive, I’d fly down there to visit them once or twice a year, but usually only when it wasn’t football season. I love my family, but I also love AEK Athens. I go to the games I can in person and watch the rest on TV. However, once my wife passed, I had far more family in the land down under, so I decided to move there permanently. Fortunately, I found a way to keep watching my beloved AEK Athens football club.

IPTV Saved Me

IPTV is short for Internet protocol television. Online technology is used to get television programming to my TV. It’s not satellite, so I don’t have to bother with a dish, which is great for my current apartment, given that the windows are pointed the wrong way anyway. I only need a broadband connection to get all kinds of international programming.

What Are The Benefits?

As I said, there’s no dish to install. As long as I have a working smart television, graciously loaned by a daughter-in-law, and an online connection of 4.0 Mbps or higher, I’m good to go. There are thousands of networks and shows available to stream, and they’re from many different countries.

Coming from a small country in Europe, I’m used to having the entertainment of many different nations available to me, so this helps me be less homesick. Of course, the biggest benefit is being able to watch and cheer for my time, even half a world away.

The only thing is that the kickoff times are sometimes weird hours given the distance, but sometimes I can just avoid the football scores and start the stream of the match when I’m ready and awake.

How Do You Check Your Online Quality And Speed?

At my age, I’m not ever going to be highly technically inclined, but I have learned about speed tests, and I regularly consult a local one to find out my speeds at various times of the day. If it’s too low, I save a game for later.

Exploring This Part Of The World

Now that I’m down here, I’m taking my time to get to know relatives and family I either didn’t know well or never met. However, I’m also exploring this diverse city they call Melbourne, as well as the entire continent.

I also plan on visiting Bali and New Zealand soon too, but I will do so knowing my Greek IPTV connection and account will come with me. No matter where I go in the world, I will root for my team!

Payment Is So Easy

I would have thought that leaving Greece would mean getting new credit cards, but I haven’t done it just yet. I probably should, but I pay for my IPTV online, and it keeps the account active. Even when my team isn’t playing,

I have all my favorite shows from my homeland to entertain and comfort me. I don’t regret moving down here for a moment, but I wish to remember where I am from.