Avoid These Common Exercise Mistakes To Get Better Results

Avoid These Common Exercise Mistakes To Get Better Results

Exercising can be a frustrating experience if you make these common mistakes. As excited as you are to exercise, it’s still important to do things the right way. Here are some common exercise mistakes to avoid in the gym.

Setting Overwhelming Goals

A lot of people get very excited to start an exercise routine and set goals that are impossible to attain. If this is your first gym membership, you want to limit the amount of workouts you do at first. Many people will want to try to do five workouts a week.

This will get you hurt and discouraged. Start by working out a manageable two to three times a week. Once you have done that a few months, you can go up to four or five times a week.

Do More Than Machines

The machines in the gym are comfortable, and easy to operate. It’s fine to use the machines as part of your workout, as long as you do free weights and other exercises. Doing free weights as well will help challenge your body. Mix in some pushups and situps and your body will break through plateaus easier.

Less Rest Between Sets

If you want to have a good workout, you need to not relax at the gym. Limit your rest time to twenty or thirty seconds in between sets. Doing this will keep your heart rate up, and will give you better muscular endurance.

Avoid texting, browsing on your phone, or socializing at the gym. Doing those things will make you rest longer in between sets. It’s better to kill it in the gym and then relax at home after.

You Avoid Cardio

Some people just want to lift weights and go home. The combination of doing free weights and cardio will make you get in much better shape. Cardio is so important for heart health.

You Only Do Cardio

Doing cardio is great for burning calories, but it’s only one part of the fitness equation. Adding in free weights to your cardio routine will ensure that you burn calories, even when you’re asleep. Next time you do thirty minutes on the elliptical remember to hit the weights after!

You Lift Too Heavy

Lifting too heavy is killer on your body. When you lift too heavy your form will break down. Getting hurt at the gym is the last thing that you want, but supplements like mk 677 can help out recovery.

Instead of lifting too much, it’s better to do more reps correctly at a lower weight. Once you have the form done correctly you can lift a bit heavier next time. If you’re injured you can’t work out, and that doesn’t help you hit your exercise goals at all.

Remember when starting an exercise routine to do things the right way. When you set attainable goals, take less time between sets, do more than machines, do cardio and free weights, and lift lighter you will have good results and avoid getting hurt, excercise . Good exercise results happen over a long period of time, so it’s important to stay in the game without injury.