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We’re glad that you’ve stopped by and are interested in finding out a bit more about this fitness blog, which was long in the planning and very rewarding in the implementation.

In a world where not a day goes by without reports of illegal drug use in all types of sports, we just found that there is so much confusion out there when it comes to performance enhancers. 

Hell, technically your protein shake after a trip to the gym will enhance your performance, but when it comes to steroids, they are all tarnished with the same brush.

We were as confused as everyone else, so we set out on a mission to get some facts straight. 

Why Did We Start This Blog?

Basically, we’ve been living in the fitness world for over 10 years and have been bodybuilding for all that time. No matter what gym you go to in the world, if you’re building up muscle people will notice.

Conversations will start about supplements and quickly shift towards steroids. It won’t take long for you to be offered all kinds of illegal and legal steroids, SARMs and peptides.

Unfortunately, too many people just blindly follow bad advice, and the risks are very high when you end up injecting stuff that you’re really not sure about.

We’ve had our own experiences with this, and it’s unrealistic to think that the illegal types of drugs and controlled substances will just disappear from gyms any time soon.

So, we’ve spent a few years researching this performance enhancer niche to find out exactly what distinguishes legal and illegal drugs. 

We also worked with reputable suppliers to come up with better lists and sources, so that you don’t have to feel like you’re involved in some shady deals any time you want to get a performance boost.

What Do We Cover?

Basically, if it relates to fitness and muscle building we’re interested. Because of our experience, we decided to focus on a few areas in particular, to help others achieve their goals.

Training Tips And Techniques

So far, there is no pill or injection you can take that will make you look like a professional wrestler while sitting on the couch all day. 

That’s why we focus so much attention on actual training techniques, considering that you need to work out differently depending on whether you’re taking steroids or not.

Legal Performance Enhancers

The term steroid is pretty much always interpreted in a negative way. Yes, there’s a good reason for it, and even when you get pharmaceutical quality stuff, there are risks involved. 

Legal steroids always get picked up wrong as well, so we actually prefer the term legal performance enhancers. 

These are covered by steroids, SARMs, and peptides that have gone through various stages of clinical trials. 

Dietary Supplements

While performance enhancers will really make you progress faster, you’ll need nutritional support as well. If you don’t get all your macronutrients right, then you’re going to make it very difficult on yourself. 

That’s why we cover everything from meal planning to choosing the right supplements and stacking in a way that really makes a difference. 

When you get all these three areas of your diet and training right, then you can achieve some amazing results. 

Make Sure You Keep In Contact

We hear from a lot from our readers, and because things are so rapidly changing, it can be difficult for us to keep everyone happy. But if you contact us through the website or on social media, then we’re always happy to answer questions and create new content that supports everyone’s needs.

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